Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day1 in Kuala Lumpur

Yesss you heard that right! I went backpacking across Northwestern parts of Malaysia in the month of March with two of my friends and all we spent was within 30k and INCLUDING flights! Read on to know our itinerary, cost and how to go about it on your own 😀

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
Batu Caves


To get the best deals in the flight I always prefer to go to the Skyscanner website and book the flight tickets at least 3 months in advance. We got our tickets from Bangalore to Kuala Lumpur and back in just 13k including travel insurance for those 10 days. All three of us split the tasks between ourselves of deciding the places to visit, the route to be taken and booking accommodations.

Touchdown Malaysia

Before we left for Malaysia, we had our brief itinerary planned and accommodations were booked, follow below for the link to the places we stayed at. Travel within Malaysia was entirely by public transport except for Langkawi island (since there is no public transport there) and was booked by us on the go. Below I am explaining our itinerary in detail and the places we visited on our 10 days stay in Malaysia.

1st stop: Kuala Lumpur

Our flight left Bangalore on 1st March night 11:15 pm and arrived morning 5.30am in KL (it’s a 4-hour journey – take note of the timezone change as Malaysia falls under GMT +8). It’s good to take an overnight flight as you can start exploring as soon as you reach the next morning, plus you can save the stay charges for a day!

As soon as we arrived there was a long queue at the immigration check at the airport which approximately took us 30-45 minutes to clear everything. We had booked a place in Airbnb website for the day (Kuala Lumpur day 1 Airbnb)

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
Our AirBnB home in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Our host – Hairuddin was a very sweet guy, we had contacted him before and were told some instructions on how to reach his place. According to that, we took a bus from the Airport to KL Sentral which is like the center point of many metro lines and buses in KL. Then from there, we took another metro nearby our place. Our host came to pick us up in his car from the metro station even though the house was just a short walkable distance of 1.5kms away. We then took a little time to freshen up and left to explore Batu caves around 1 pm.

You can reach Batu caves by train, first, take a metro to KL Sentral and from there you need to take tickets for the KTM Komuter train which takes you directly in front of Batu Caves and the journey duration is approximately 30 min. Timings of this train are from 7 am in the morning till around 11.15pm in the night from KL Sentral. Since Batu caves are kind of a remote area to make sure you visit the place within the dark and reach back to be on the safer side.

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
The splendid Batu Caves

Batu Caves is famous for its 42 meter-long Lord Murugan statue and the colorful steps leading to the top of the temple. At the top of some 300-odd steps, there is the formation of limestone caves and a small shrine. The weather is always a bit around the entire Malaysia entire year, even when we were climbing the stairs it was too hot and I was literally drenched in sweat by the time we reached the top. The small temple inside was closed, hence we spent only a little time and came immediately down to explore the street shops nearby. I have to mention that the coconut water we had here was just amazing and perfect to quench our thirst in that weather. Also, there are a lot of things to shop here and if you are crazy about fridge magnets like me, it is available at reasonable rates here.

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
Amazing statue of Lord Murugan at the Batu Caves

Evening you can just go back to KL Sentral from Batu and take a taxi to ChinaTown(Grab is the most popularly used online cab service in Malaysia – similar to Uber). Chinatown is a very popular food hub in KL. Also, there are lots of places you can visit by walk nearby this place like the Central Market (120-year-old market which is also a cultural landmark of KL), Sri Mahamariamman Temple (KL’s main Hindu temple and also the oldest in the city), The Malaysia Heritage walk also called Kasturi walk by the locals is an open flea market where you can buy goods at reasonable price, Chan See Shu Yuen Temple (one of the largest and oldest Buddhist temples in Malaysia). Most of these places are famous for the variety of street food that is offered here. You may have a hard time if you are a vegetarian, make sure you tell them no meat and no egg since most of them consider egg also as veg food.

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
Little India Street (More like little Tamil Nadu)


We didn’t have enough time to explore Chinatown hence we went to “Little India” to satisfy our taste buds. Having had nothing but cup noodles since morning, we had South Indian food to our heart’s content and at a very affordable rate. This place is actually a street full of Indian restaurants and also some clothing shops, the majority from TamilNadu. Best place to get vegetarian food compared to other parts of Malaysia 😀

Backpacking Malaysia on a budget
Finally got some Veg. South Indian Food at Little India Street, KL

Day 1 cost :

  • Sim card cost (MAXIS SIM bought as soon as we landed at the KL Airport) = MYR 12
  • Bus from airport to KL Sentral = MYR 12
  • Train from KL Sentral – LRT – Batu and back = MYR 15
  • Entire day food cost = around MYR 15
  • AirBnB stay cost = INR 1200 (400 per person since we were 3 people)

Total cost for Day1 (1 INR ~= 17 MYR) =  INR 1300


Click here to know Day 2 itinerary


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