Vistadome- A scenic train journey along the Western Ghats

What is Vistadome?

Vistadome is the name of the special AC coaches introduced in the Yeshwanthpur-Mangalore train. Launched on July 11, 2021, it is mainly built keeping in mind for everyone to enjoy the scenic view of the Western Ghats section in this route. Some of its attractive features which made me book this special coach:

  • Covered with Large glass windows and glass ceilings too
  • Observation lounge at the end of the coaches – glass
  • 180 degree rotatable and comfortable seats
  • An electronic system which shows the train speed and next destination information
  • Fully equipped with CCTV
  • Charging socket
  • Automatic sliding doors
  • Multi-tiered luggage space at the beginning of the coach so that we can sit freely
  • All-time pantry service- includes biscuits, tea, coffee, chips and Cup noodles
  • A fridge and an oven facility available
  • Bio-toilets – composts human waste and keeps the railway tracks clean unlike the old ways

Video 1) First impression from outside – link

Video 2) Interiors starting from observation lounge – link

Video 3) Watch it go into and out of a tunnel – link

Fascinating fact – This train journey takes you through 57 tunnels in total and 32 bridges! Isn’t that crazy 🙂

Train number and timings information:

The train runs from Yeshwanthpur railway station (Bangalore North) to Mangalore Junction railway station and vice versa. There are currently only 2 coaches with 44 seats each attached to the train, hence only 88 seats in total can be booked.

While booking you have to book the Executive Chair Car aka Vistadome in IRCTC website.

Cost: Rs.1395

A) Yeshwanthpur-Mangalore: Timings: 7am – 5pm

  1. Weekend – Train num. 06539 runs on every Saturday and Sunday.

2. Weekdays – Train num. 06211 runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

3. Weekdays – Train num. 06575 runs every Tuesday and Thursday.

B) Mangalore- Yeshwanthpur:

1. Sunday – Train num. 06540 runs every Sunday.

Timings: 9.15am – 8.05pm

2. Tri weekly run– Train num. 06212 runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Timings: 11.30am – 20.20pm

3. Tri weekly run– Train num. 06576 runs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Timings: 11.30am – 20.20pm

Train Schedule/Route: The stop names are mentioned below along with their station codes.

During the entire journey we could see happy faces of the people from outside looking at this executive looking coach and pointing fingers towards it. One of the experiences was when we crossed this twin train exactly halfway our journey. The two Vistadome coaches halted opposite each other and people were excitedly waving at each other.

Watch the video here and here.

How to book?

Best is to book via IRCTC website because whichever 3rd party apps you use to book railway tickets it is mandatory to register on IRCTC.

  1. Login to IRCTC website –
  2. From – Type MAJN or YPR
  3. To – Type YPR or MAJN
  4. Select the date and click on search
  5. Select the train number as from above
  6. Select Executive Chair Car
  7. Click on Book now
  8. You are required to login with existing credentials or register newly
  9. Enter the passenger details after login here. You can add more passengers here.
  10. Once all required details are entered you can continue to do the payment and your tickets are booked!

Watch the Western Ghats views here. Even though the camera could not capture the real beauty, you can surely know what you are in for if you opt for the journey.

Video link1

Video link2

I hope the above blog covers all the required information regarding the train. My own experience of the Vistadome was really amazing – the coaches were clean and safe. The views in the Ghats section were really great and it is best enjoyed during rainy season. During the entire journey the enthusiasm of all the travelers was high and everyone was excited when the views came in. Everyone was recording, clicking pictures and the vibe was great.

The journey took just 8 hours which is really great as compared to the roadway which often takes around 10-12 hours because of the winding ghat roads. The level of comfort this train provides is really worth the cost and really a one-time experience anyone wishes to travel for the sake of it.

Only request to all the passengers is to keep the coach clean and use the facilities with care so that it can be enjoyed by everyone in the long run 🙂


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