All you need to know about Skiing Course at IISM Gulmarg

This blog is a gist of what happens in a 12-day Basic Skiing Course at IISM Gulmarg, Kashmir, India. IISM stands for Indian Institute of Skiing and Mountaineering and I am going to talk about their skiing courses which are done in 3 levels – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Skiing. Click on the topic below…

Start of my 2 week adventure – Reaching Manali by an ordinary HRTC bus

Despite being in India since the time I was born, I hadn’t been to North India that much. So whatever the leaves I am getting now while working I’m using those to explore the unseen places. Out of all, the Himalayas intrigues me the most and also gives me maximum happiness when I’m trekking it so once again I set out solo to explore it.