Solo Bike Ride to Pyramid Valley (On my Birthday)

Pyramid Valley is a meditation centre located on the outskirts of Bangalore (around 60kms from my home). My birthday was nearing and I really wanted to do something for myself, something which I never have done before and which I would remember for a long time. One thing I had learnt in the past few years is to focus on yourself than expecting others to make your birthday special. I would have much rather preferred if I was somewhere alone on a trek, but my birthday was falling in the middle of the week so it was not possible.

So I started to think of going to someplace nearby and rounded upon Pyramid Valley. Also having learnt to ride a bike recently (another thing which was on my bucket list for too long) I decided to go for a ride till that place. The previous day I booked a bike online, from whom I had rented it 2-3 times before for an RE ThunderBird.

On the day of my birthday, I reached to pick up my bike around morning at 11am. The person there had kept the bike ready and as I was about to take it he showed me an RE Classic 350 modified and asked me if I wanted to choose that. So I took a test ride and found it more than comfortable. Still being sceptical on taking a different bike, all I was doing that day was taking chances so I decided to go for it anyway.

Solo girl bike ride
RE Classic 350 that had arrived just in time

Trust me, I was damn scared. I didn’t know anything about the technicalities of the bike. If it happened to broke down, I didn’t know how to fix it. Hell, even while filling the petrol I was new to the locking mechanism of the fuel tank as I was using it for the first time. Not to ignore the judgemental looks of the people around too.

Then I just thought what was the max that could happen? I couldn’t think of any such dangerous situation. Whatever would happen, I would learn from it. I would learn to handle that situation all by myself and if everything goes well by the end of the day I would be proud of myself. That was all the motivation I needed and went for it.

With a small backpack and a bike, I put the Pyramid valley as the destination on my maps and started for it. To my luck, the bike was very comfortable and I was feeling like I was riding it for many years as I couldn’t feel the heaviness of an RE at all. I was going to a remote place where I hadn’t been, apart from once during a college trip. It was quite near to be called a trip yet far from my place and hence perfect to get familiar with riding solo.

I loved it, I enjoyed the ride. I am not that familiar with routes hence used to stop at various places to check the map as I had taken the shortcut route to join Kanakpura Road. Even still, I didn’t miss the road even once that day. I was a little scared as the route had very few vehicles and no shops, surrounded completely by forest and farms. So I was finally relieved when I got to the main road and stopped near a roadside tea shop. Enjoyed my first pitstop and I put a few feel-good songs on my phone in full volume and continued my ride (even I couldn’t hear it because of the wind). I don’t actually like putting earphones to listen to music while riding as I have observed that one second of distraction is enough to cause something unexpected.

Finally, I did manage to miss the small signboard on the left which shows the way to Pyramid valley :P. After getting back to the road, it is just a small road crossing a village for around 2kms. Reached the place, parked my bike and saw the map which had all the important spots to be visited. First I went for the main attraction here: the meditation at the pyramid. There is basically a large pyramid and a perfect setting for meditation has been done in the inside. There are proven scientific theories that meditation is done inside a pyramid is more powerful as the structure attracts more cosmic and healing energies. I sat there, meditating for half an hour straight.

The cafeteria there was at the best location with a little library with an awesome collection of books! It was the best lunch I had that day by reading a book amidst nature while having my food. Later went for a walk exploring the entire area where one can find all kinds of good quotes put up all along the paths. Some of the quotes I liked:

I found a store just next to the pyramid and ended up buying a few good pieces of stuff too.

Just when I was about to leave, I saw that the kids’ playground there was empty. I would not have gone to play but sometime back I had seen a few drivers enjoying themselves in the playground at that time. So I thought it was safe to go and sit on that swing and chill for sometime before any security came to shoo me off :P. It was after a long time I sat on a swing and enjoyed it as much 🙂

It was 2 hours approximately I had spent at this place and it was now time to leave as I also had to return the bike within 5.30pm. While going home I took the NICE road and boy, it was soo much fun! Since it was afternoon there was not much traffic and the weather itself was not too sunny and perfect for the ride. Reached home in no time and picked up my mom for a short ride on the way just before I went back to return it.

Solo girl bike ride
Mission solo ride completed!

This ride got me so much confidence in me that day. I got a much-needed break from the routine and also some “me” time to do some self-introspection. I know it might not be a big deal for some, but it is (and was) for me. I can proudly say that one of my most anticipated things was finally ticked off my bucket list since I wanted to learn and ride a motorcycle since almost 7-8 years now.

“Stay wild and never let them tame you”







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