Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day9- Sightseeing Kuala Lumpur

Today was our final day in Malaysia and we took a early morning bus from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur. We reached KL in the afternoon around 1pm and the room we had booked for the day had the check-in time a little around 3pm. Since we reached early and did not want to waste any time, we went to our friends place and kept our luggages there and left to explore the city.

We had booked the visit to KL tower experience again in the very helpful Klook app (find the experience link here). By booking the tickets online you can avoid the queue there and directly show the booking QR code to get the tickets. We got the tickets for a discounted price around 1k for each person. This KL tower is the 7th tallest freestanding tower in the world!

Budget Backpacking across Malaysia
Panoramic views of entire Kuala Lumpur from the KL tower!

We booked a package coupon of Menara KL tower + sky deck + sky box all of these which are must-visit places once you are in KL. Sky box is basically a glass box extending from a height of 300m and is surely a thrilling experience! It is one of the famous hotspots for taking pictures and you can find people striking all kinds of poses here 😛

Budget Backpacking across Malaysia
Strike a pose, however you want 😛

There is quite a wait time for the sky box and you need to take a token whose number will be called near the sky box. There are two of them one on the right and other on the left so make sure you go and take pictures in both of them. Note that they will not allow you to go if your token is already called when you were not present and you arrive there late. Then you will have to take another token and wait in the queue. Hence make sure you keep an eye on the token number being called as you are busy enjoying views on the observation deck.

One important thing to not- there is a time limit as to how much time you can spend to take photos inside the sky box so if you are in a gang of friends all of you together get around 40s to click pictures. So I suggest you to split up and take different tokens so that each of you get sufficient time to enjoy the entire view of KL from there as well as take pictures. The sky box on the left has the background view of Petronas twin towers hence the queue here is more.

You can spend how much ever time you want at the observation deck though. There are even telescopes kept to get a better view of the city. This is the place to be if you want to check out the panoramic views of the entire city.

Next we headed to have food at Suria KLCC- a famous and a large mall right next to the Petronas twin towers. It is at a distance of 2kms from the KL tower, you can either walk or catch a Grab car (similar to Uber) to reach the place. We were searching for vegeterian food at the food court here and after doing many rounds we did order 2 different dishes from the restaurant there (one of which we could not bear to eat as it didn’t suit our tastebuds :|).

Just explored the majestic mall for sometime, there is also a beautiful fountain at the backside of the mall where you get amazing pictures. We spent quite a good amount of time here and then headed back to collect our luggage and head to our stay which we had booked an apartment on AirBnb. The security for an apartment here is pretty amazing because we will be given a smart card for our apartment without which even the lift will not open as you have to swipe it to press the floor you want to go.

We then entered our apartment which was really so big and was almost like a perfect home! Having a hall, a bedroom, a changing room, a washroom and a balcony. The apartment even had an infinity pool on its topmost floor which we could use! The hall had 2 sofas, a sofa bed, a king size bed and the bedroom had a queen size bed! We were seriously astonished with the comfort we got and we got a stunning deal of 1.5k for this room :P. You can find the apartment here. The night views of KL city is seriously mindblowing, with both the KL tower and the Petronas twin towers fully lit up <3.

This brings me to the end of the Malaysia backpacking series. This trip was important to the three of us because all 3 of us were moving in different directions in terms of career soon after. So happy to have successfully finished this trip on our own, without the help of any travel agents, within our expected budget too!

Appreciation to my mains without whom the trip was not possible:

All thanks to Deepak and Kaushik for being such an amazing company as we traveled together and VK (Varun) for the guest appearance :P. We 3 stuck together right from searching offers on different credit cards and borrowing cards from others just for the flight discounts, to deciding what all places we should visit, to figuring out how to use the machines at the metro station, to scavenging for vegeterian food, to driving a car in a foreign country together, to getting amazed at the skyways seeing them for the first time, to acting like crazy people posing in the art museums, and I can go on and on. #friendslikefamily

Travelling together really made our bond stronger<3 I am gonna cherish this trip for a lifetime.

A quote for our current situation:

“Friendship isn’t about being inseperable.. it’s about being seperated and knowing nothing will change”

Budget Backpacking across Malaysia
Friends who travel together, stay together ❤

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