Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day6 – Genting Highlands

Indoor theme park
Indoor Theme park

We planned to visit the infamous Genting Highlands which is just 45min away from Kuala Lumpur. Buses to Genting start plying from 8am at KL Sentral bus station. We bought tickets directly at the ticket counter there instead of online booking because here at the counter you can buy the combo ticket including bus fare till Awaana terminal and for the Skyway till the Theme park which is nestled at the top of the hill station. The Skyway is of Resorts World Genting who have their World Class Hotels there at the top of the mountains.

This is a perfect getaway from the humid Kuala Lumpur since it is way much cooler here at Genting. It is located at an altitude of somewhere above 6000ft. The skyway was just a mind-blowing experience as the weather was so cloudy and foggy that at one point we could not even see anything around us and was like a complete whiteout! The chilly breeze here as we stepped out of the cable car was a welcome one as compared to the other hot and humid parts of Malaysia we had visited.

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
Amazing coulds and fog surrounding Genting Skyway

As soon as you exit out of the skyway, the entrance directly takes you to a huge shopping complex kind of a place which is so exotic and filled with numerous stores, gaming zones, Casino and also houses the World’s Largest Hotel as declared by the Guinness World Book of Records.

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
Worlds Largest Hotel

The major attractions and activities in Genting Highlands are as follows:

A) Indoor Theme Park – Skytropolis : This was recently inaugrated in December 2018 and is mainly a children’s theme park consisting of more than 20 decent rides. We bought a combo ticket consisting of Skytropolis, Snow World and SeniKome Péng Hēng (Arts & Cultural Centre) for MYR95. The ambience here is pretty awesome with all the lightings flashing around making it a unique experience combined with the rides.

B) Outdoor Theme Park – Sadly, this amusement park has remained closed since 2013 and is told that it is under renovation so rumours are that it can be re-opened anytime soon!

This is spread across 250 acres made up of 25+ thrill rides which is under construction and is said to be funded by 20th Century Fox and The Walt Disney Company. Going by the names of the investors it can be assumed that whenever the theme park re-opens it is going to be incredible and I hope that when you guys visit it, you shall be able to enjoy it!

C) Snow World – This one comes as a part of the package we bought inside the Resorts World Genting where the temperature inside this room is maintained a freezing -7 degrees celsius. One is provided with a winter jacket, boots and gloves to survive the temperature. It is a lot fun once you get inside where there is a big snow slide where you will be dizzy by the time you arrive down as you are made to sit on a tyre and slide down a curved path at a high speed so much so that the tyre will turn more than 360 degrees leaving you bamboozled! 😛

Also, there are many spots inside where you can take lots of pictures such as the igloo, paintings and props resembling the streets of Europe, a beautiful gate with the name of Snow World and Resorts World Genting written on it and many more such small things for entertainment. There are also many sledges kept inside on which you can slide, have fun and bring out the little kid inside you!

Added to all of this there is also occasional snowfall which makes you feel like you are in a Winter Wonderland! If you feel the environment is getting too cold for your liking, you can come out for some time for a breather and go back in. They usually give a total time of approximately 30 minutes to have fun inside.

D) SeniKome Péng Hēng East Coast Arts & Cultural Centre – This is the least crowded and also one of the most beautiful centres for those who have a taste for cultural liking. This room is enriched with stories and history of Malaysian culture. It is kind of a museum where a display of various musical instruments, indoor games, weaving instruments, and other items are kept.

We really liked the guide of the place as he showed us around and even allowed us to play few of these ancient games which we are not allowed to without a staff’s presence. We had a fun time getting educated about the culture and there are also iPad’s kept for each of the themes where you can watch the amazing videos made by them.

E) Chin Swee Caves Temple – I am falling out of words to describe this beautiful place! See the pictures for yourself:

This Chinese temple is situated at a very serene location and can be accessed through the Skyway as there is an intermediate stop here before it proceeds towards Resorts World Genting. You have to get down a series of escalators to get to the entrance of the temple. There are stairs going inside cave-like structures as well as outside it. One can get amazing photos here with the backdrop of such beautiful temple structures. There is also a large Buddhist statue found here.

One thing I felt unique that this place has representations of 10 different “Chambers Of Hell” made in the form of sculptures. This fascinating series starts with the first chamber where the amount of good or bad sins one has committed during his life is scrutinized and the further chambers indicate the type of punishment one gets depending on the sins. The last chamber is where it is decided whether one gets to have a rebirth or not.

F) Sky Casino – This is one-of-a-kind luxurious Casino which is a gamer’s paradise. This huge casino has 2 floors of gaming area, slot machines and hundreds of people betting and gambling here. Big LED screens and lightings are installed all around to get the wonderful feel of the place. Important point – Tourists aren’t allowed to enter without their original passport so make sure to carry them along.

All-in-all, Genting is a must-visit just to experience the luxury over there. It is not actually worth staying a night here. So you can make this a one-day visit by first going to the Chin Swee Caves temple and then proceeding towards Genting.

Bonus tip: Instead of taking a separate ticket to Chin Swee, take a ticket to Genting and get down at Chin Swee (since there is a free stop here). Explore around the place for how much ever time you want and take the skycab from Chin Swee to Genting. This way you can complete both places at the cost of one ticket! 😀

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