Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day5 – Exploring Langkawi

Waking up to our last day at Langkawi today. Our first destination was to visit the Crocodile Adventureland Langkawi located at the Teluk Datai Bay area at the northwestern end of the island. It is a one-of-a-kind place where a large species of Malaysian saltwater crocodiles are found and also information related to them are written all over the place. There are different combo packages available as entrance fees. It depends on the activities you choose like feeding the crocodile, Photo holding the croc, etc.

We took the Combo 1 for MYR32 which is the most basic one and for all the combos we get to tour around the place for as long as we want. The entire place is like a big park where crocodiles are kept for display to the public. The first section is where the juvenile crocodiles are found relaxing. Next, you get to walk on a long wooden bridge on top of a pond which is filled with innumerable crocodiles. Some of them will be right below your legs looking right at you, so don’t you dare try to lean on the bridge to get a better view as it can get risky!

Budget backpacking in Malaysia
Bridge below which crocs are present

There is also a show where they showcase Crocodile stunts which takes place twice a day. We kinda stumbled upon this show as a coincidence as our timings happened to match. During this show, 2 trained persons handle the crocs and do unbelievable stunts like standing on top of it, putting his hand inside the crocodile’s mouth, lifting the entire crocodile, and even kissing the croc on its mouth! It’s just crazy how they do it and I was astonished as I had never seen such stunts live before! The show lasts about 20 minutes and is in English.

A merchandise store having all kinds of products ranging from crocodile shirts, toys, leather items are available here at reasonable prices.

I also believe that doing stunts on animals is unethical and have decided to stay away from such places hereon. So you can skip this place and there are lots of other packages available online to go for island hopping for half a day in Langkawi which is highly recommended.

Budget backpacking in Malaysia
Landmark in Langkawi. I sure do love it!

It includes visiting around 2-3 islands including Wet Rice Island, Lake of the Pregnant Maiden on a shared boat and eagle feeding/watching at Big Lions Island (Pulau Singa Besar). Alternatively, you can also do scuba diving in Langkawi and check this website for more details on it.

After the Crocodile AdventureLand, we went to visit Langkawi’s most well-known landmark – Langkawi Eagle Square also called as Dataran Lang where there is a huge man-made eagle sculpture poised to take flight.

This magnificent eagle structure is at a walking distance from the Kuah Bay jetty place and hence you can get cool views of the sea with a backdrop of the mountains from this place. Since this is an open space made up of the concrete floor, it is difficult to bear the sun here hence make sure to visit this place either early in the mornings or in the late evenings when the sun is a little down.

We then had a ferry booked to Kuala Kedah and then took an overnight bus from Kedah to Kuala Lumpur. One of the websites we used to do our online bus bookings – Easybook.

Budget backpacking in Malaysia
This is the closest we got to the beach in Langkawi 😛

Caution: Kuala Kedah is not at all a tourist-friendly place since all the boards and signs we could see were written in the Malay language. We could not even spot any other tourists apart from us and the place itself looked very deserted. We took this route as the cost was a bit less.

It is recommended you go to Kuala Perlis in ferry from Langkawi as it is a more safer option.

Click here for Day 6 itinerary.


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