Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day4 – Exploring Langkawi

It was our 4th day in Malaysia and we had reached a place called Langkawi islands the previous night. (In case you have missed my previous blog posts click this link)

Our host at the stay helped us in getting a rented self-drive car for 2 days at a discounted price (60MYR for a day). The best way to explore Langkawi island is to rent a self-drive car. Of course Grab is still available here, but you will find it cheaper and fun to drive around the entire island. Also, the traffic rules here are not as stringent as that of Kuala Lumpur hence cars can be easily driven around here.

Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
Our stay – Panorama Langkawi Resort

We stayed at Panorama Country Resort which was an amazing place to stay at a very affordable price. It is located in the middle of the island near to the forest area hence the temperature here is also cooler as compared to the ones near the beaches. The host was very friendly and helpful too, so I will recommend this place while you’re in Langkawi.

We had booked a combo ticket online at this website the previous day which helped us in skipping the huge queue at Panorama Langkawi where the infamous Langkawi Skybridge is located. Our ticket included SkyCab, SkyDome, SkyRex and 3D Art Langkawi.

We first wanted to reach the SkyBridge and experience the amazing view of entire Langkawi from its height of 700m above sea level. One has to first take the SkyCab to reach this bridge. The journey on this SkyCab itself is a wonderful experience as it gives a 360-degree view of the entire Langkawi islands as well as giving up top-class views of the dense rain forest surrounding this place.


There are 2 stops on the way to the top – Middle station and the Top station.

1. Base station -It is located at the foothill of the Machincang mountain and it is where the cable car begins and ends.

2. Middle station – It is at a distance of 1,700m from the base and people get down here to take a walk around on the platform and to enjoy some magnificent panoramic views around.

3. Top station – Located at a distance of 450m from the middle station, has 2 viewing stations at a height of 708m above sea level. The breeze here combined with the amazing top views of SkyBridge will give you memories for a lifetime. You can also find a post box here which is “The only post box on top of a mountain in Langkawi”. Postcards are available here at the SkyBoutique where you can also find a cool range of Langkawi merchandise to buy for yourself or as a souvenir for someone.

Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
Crazy views all along the SkyCab ride!

From here you need to buy a ticket to access the SkyBridge (Costs MYR5). There are 2 ways to reach the SkyBridge – one is the stairway which is free and the other is cable car which they charge around MYR10 for the two-way journey.

We went by the stairs which are like a small nature walk and reached the Bridge. It is said to be one of the World’s most spectacular and longest curve suspension bridge suspended from an 82m high single pylon which is 125m long and 1.8 meters wide. I had never seen such a stunning bridge at such a height! It is a must-visit place whenever you are visiting Langkawi.


Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
Top view of Langkawi SkyBridge!

We then headed for lunch at one of the cafe’s present inside the same park – Panorama Langkawi. We ordered all the 3 vegetarian options available at the place and also took the very interesting-looking juice. Mine was of lychee flavour and it was the most unique juice I have had till date! It is a little pricey and looks very attractive but I bet it’s worth the money 😀


The other things included in our package – SkyDome, SkyRex & 3D Art Langkawi. To be honest, SkyRex and SkyDome are just not worth the money. But it is unavoidable as it will be a part of any package you buy there. 3D Art was another unique place filled with all kinds of 3D paintings. There are 9 rooms in total and each room you enter there is painted keeping a particular theme in mind. We had a lot of fun there posing animatedly with the artwork. The paintings here were maintained a lot better than the ones in Penang and looked more realistic too!

Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
Virtual adventure! 😀

There is also a marvellous 3D projection mapping show which is exhibited every hour at the Egyptian zone. I had never witnessed such a beautiful 3D projection before! Make sure not to miss it as you will experience the movie kind projection across a gigantic 556-square meter mural which takes you through a magical journey of a magic carpet to Niagara Falls, Castle Age, Mystical Pyramids and an adrenaline-pumping adventure in Ancient Egypt. Make sure to ask the timings and don’t miss it!

After touring the Panorama Langkawi, we were suggested a place called “Gunung Raya” by our host to visit at sunset time. Gunung Raya is the highest mountain in Langkawi at a height of 881 m.

Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
Sunset viewpoint at Gunung Raya

The best way to reach is by car and you have to pass through a series of winding roads surrounded by the dense forest. Take the road to the top which starts from the junction Jalan Ulu Melaka. The drive takes about 30min and there is a viewpoint at the top which gives you scenic views of the entire island and you can spend some time enjoying the nature here and have some quiet time for yourself.

Malaysia Backpacking 10 day itinerary
One can never get enough of sunsets 🙂

A bonus tip: Langkawi is THE best place to buy duty-free chocolates and alcohol and take it back to your country. It is cheapest here than any other part of Malaysia and the shop “Teow Soon Huat Duty-Free Shop” is highly recommended.

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