Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide – 10 days trip in just INR 30k! Day3 – Penang sightseeing

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
Magnificient streets of Penang

We woke up a little early today as we had a lot of places to cover in Penang island before we left for Langkawi. We directly left for Georgetown along with our luggage, and since we cannot roam around with all the luggage we had booked a room just to keep them. What happened was, the check-in time was 2 pm and all we needed was to keep our bags for 2-3 hrs only till 12 pm or so. The generous hotel staff guy not only allowed us to keep our bags in his storeroom for free but also helped us in waiving off the room cancellation fee which we had booked through booking.com.

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
Such unique and tasty popsicle Ice-cream!

Walked till the same Little India street to have our breakfast and we were just exploring some places on the way towards Fort Cornwallis. One such place is this Buddhist temple which looks so beautiful! Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this temple 😦

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
You can find many Buddhist temples like these in Penang

We reached Fort Cornwallis and bought the entry ticket which costs 20MYR for foreigners. We were informed at the counter that there is a free tour of the fort accompanied by one of their guides every 30 minutes or so. There was one starting immediately so we just rushed for it. The tour guide was good and explained to us briefly the history of Penang and how the Fort was formed. The Fort itself is small but yet beautiful, we spent around 1-1.5hrs here.

Ultimate Malaysia backpacking guide
Statue of Francis Light in Fort Cornwallis, Penang

We also wanted to go explore Penang Street Art which is the speciality of this place. Here whichever street you go into, you will find lots and lots of street art and in many places, some real components are incorporated into making this art come alive. If you shall open Google Maps and see, there are markings for street art all over them!

We were running out of time for our ferry which was at 3 pm. And most of the famous street art here had a queue of tourists waiting to get their pictures with them. So I just had to move on without many pictures, but if you have time I definitely recommend you go spend a lot of time exploring the work of these unknown artists.

We then collected our luggage from the hotel and booked a taxi till Penang bus stop (Sungai Nibong) from where we had to catch a bus to Kuala Perlis. Reached in time for the last ferry which leaves at 6 pm from Kuala Perlis and takes an hour to Langkawi. Upon reaching Langkawi, we booked a Grab to reach our stay for the next 2 days (Langkawi stay – Panorama resort). Tired of travelling, we retired for the day.


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